Civilians Breaking Free

Mosul, Iraq

Musharrifah District

May 5, 2017

Thousands of civilians are fleeing the fighting in Mosul and ISIS snipers are shooting them in the back as they run to us.

Yesterday, a sniper shot a little girl in a yellow dress and her father as they ran back toward freedom. They were left in the open and bleeding out until a few volunteers ran under heavy fire to rescue them.

Two Iraqis were shot during the rescue and both the girl and her father were shot again in their rescuers arms while being carried to an armored vehicle. I wept as I assisted the lead medic in caring for the little girl. She had gone unconscious.

Remember the Iraqis as you go throughout your day and count your blessings. The fight isn't even close to being done.

As you read this, the battle in Mosul is raging and and intensifying day and night. Victory will come, but many more will be caught in the crossfire until that day comes.