Loyal Sons

Mosul, Iraq

May 5, 2017

An elderly Iraqi lady is lifted into the back of a truck while sitting in her wheelchair.

Her and her two sons had been separated from the main group of refugees when they ran from ISIS lines. I saw them in the distance and sprinted to help. A sniper was picking off stragglers and they were going the wrong way.

I told them where to run and they quickly wheeled their mother to a low point in the road. Had they turned the corner, they would have been shot.

No more than 100m from where I told them to stop, another lady had been shot through the chest by the ISIS sniper and had died in front of her children.

It was difficult to watch. Luckily, this lady and her brave and loyal sons survived. They're safe now, and far from the fighting.

JournalEphraim Mattos