Unspeakable Cruelty

Badush, Iraq

May 2, 2017

A mother and father support their daughter as they follow an Iraqi medic to a makeshift medical hut in Badush, Iraq.

After running from ISIS through the night, the girl became faint from terror and stress. This morning when she arrived at our forward location, she could no longer walk.

The unspeakable acts of cruelty being committed by ISIS against young women may help to explain why she was so traumatized.

Now she is safe behind the entire Iraqi Army. Unfortunately, the group she ran away with reported that there are two young women still being held as slaves in their village.

They couldn't get the girls away from their ISIS captors before they had to run. Their only hope of rescue is the Iraqi Army which is steadily pushing forward. And they are furious.

The day of freedom and redemption for those girls is coming soon.